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  DONGGUAN K-SEN MACHINE CO,.LTD is aimed at researching advanced light&heat curing equipment and development, production, sale, service in one of the all-round, multi-functional new technology-based enterprises.

  The company attaches great importance to the quality of service has been unremitting investment, research and development of technology, high technology products, reasonable design, advanced technology, excellent quality, stable and reliable performance, improve the comprehensive service, favored by domestic and foreign customers, in PCB, FPC, LCD, LCM, TOUCH, PANEL, LED, EL IC, MLCC, CMOS, SMT, package, computer keyboard, membrane switch, silicone keypad, optical lens, coil, chemical, wood, sports shoes, trademark printing, paper printing, auto parts, plastic and other fields to establish a good customer network.

  Companies adhere to the "cohesion sincere, wisdom, shared value, sustainable management" business philosophy, management method to accurate customer demand oriented, and has a number of enterprises such as Eaton, Yidu, CPT, Dongju, advanced wafer, m.l.s electronics, lianxinfeng photoelectric, Hitachi, Sumida, xking group, seyen group, group of light, TDK, Foxconn, Matsushita, Lite, Xintai chemical communication, bridge, Pu Lihua, TOYOTA, Southern China Hung Hing printing printing, established a good cooperative relationship

  The optical signal company will continue with the principle of good faith, to the quality of survival, innovation and development, in full pursuit and hope in twenty-first Century, all optical signal will be full of pride and confidence to look forward to work with you to forge ahead, create a glorious and resplendent tomorrow

廣東光信機械有限公司,Monopoly DRYING EQUIPMENT FOR IR furnace series UV Series Oven series UV energy meter UV tube Other accessories And other business,Interested customers please contact us,Phone:13515040501

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